Probably my longest running project, Triio has grown from a 4tet playing mostly interesting standards and the music of local composers to a 6tet focusing on free/collective improvisation. Contrasting intricate composed sections with open ended improvised sections, the music can allow for total freedom of expression while still maintaining a distinct vibe/direction from composition to composition.

Ashley Urquhart - Piano

Mark Ballyk - Drums

Alex Fournier - Bass/Tunes

Allison Au - Woodwinds

Aidan Sibley - Trombone

Tom Fleming - Guitar

Money House

We don't take ourselves so seriously, at least not in this setting. This is pretty evident since we decided to name ourselves after an off-brand incense fragrance that our guitar player found in the east end. It's always been a goal for this group to be that way about ourselves while taking the music dead-serious.

In some respects this frees us up more. We twist, contort, stretch and mess with each others tunes, taking them as far as we can imagine in the moment without worrying about what the music "has to" be or "should" be. Lately we've also been really into odd metres and polyrhythms... more on that later...

Patrick O'Reilly - Guitar

Stefan Hegerat - Drums

Alex Fournier - Bass

Gardening Club

Normally I'm told a lot of the stuff I write is really hard to play. Though I'd contest that to some extent, it's pretty true for the most part. Gardening Club was my first real attempt at writing music that could both be performed and enjoyed simply. The music provides minimal frameworks that can act as a vehicle for the performers to make what they will of it while maintaining an individual vibe for each piece.                                             

Ledah Finck - Violin

Chris Frick - French Horn/Piano/Melodica

Christina Manceor - Drums/Vibraphone/Assorted Percussion

                                                                                                                        Alex Fournier - Bass/Compositions

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