Colour and Noise

A long time collaboration with a long time collaborator, Colour and Noise is the flagship project of Toronto Pianist Ashley Urquhart. Blending both sketch and long-form composition with free improvisation and her visual art, Colour presents a pensive, introspective portrait of of an artist with a lot to share.

Ashley Urquhart - Piano/Compositions

Tara Kannangara - Trumpet/Voice

Aidan Sibley - Trombone

Patrick O’Reilly - Guitar/Toys

Alex Fournier - Bass


The Dan Pitt Trio

Ironically I had to go all the way to Brooklyn to meet Dan, despite the fact that we both live in the same city. I’ve been working with Dan since on many of his main projects, and it’s been pretty exciting being along for the ride of a burgeoning young composer starting to hit his stride. It’s a small setting, but a pretty energetic one.

CD available now through Bandcamp and this website.

Dan Pitt - Guitar/Compositions

Nick Fraser - Drums

Alex Fournier - Bass

Bearrah Fawcett

Once described as “impossible music”, Bearrah Fawcett seems to be a project where everyone playing writes the most complex thing they possibly can for the other players and then somehow expects it all to come together withing 2-4 hours of rehearsal. Though I would say it’s not all just us being jocular with one another (yeah we do try and make music at the end of the day), it’s a pretty challenging book for both musicians and patrons alike. A really fun one too.

Rob Grieve - Fretless Guitar/Compositions

Chris Pruden - Piano/Synth/Compositions

Stefan Hegerat - Drums/Compositions

Alex Fournier - Bass/Compositions



“Classical(??)” Music

Since arriving at the Peabody Conservatory I've worked with a multitude of both local composers and peers. Contemporary composition (or really any at all) serves to inform the structure of ones improvisation, just as improvisation can inform the performance practices of something through-composed.

From one of my collaborations - the middle movement (and possibly my favorite) of Sean Calhoun's Suite for Solo Double Bass. Had a ton of fun learning this one and it taught me a lot about my instrument.